Fix it with the right parts.
Before you have a disaster - come to us for tips and advice - plus the parts to fix it right.
We need the Model Number and Serial Number to look up parts.   And, engine identification numbers for any engine parts needed.
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Yearly maintenance is the best way to keeping your machine running good.  Fixing problems when you see them can prevent costly repairs.  Adjustments will make it last longer before it quits or wears out.  Checking for loose fasteners can save it before it breaks.  




We repair all brands.

We do not just throw new parts on it and hope it will work. We understand how these Outdoor Power Products work and run. Diagnosing the problem first is the key to repairing it right.

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Get your machine ready for the season. We can do as much or as little as you want. Sorry we do NOT have a standard price for a tune up. Each machine is different. We do have standard tune up kits that have all you need for your machine, such as oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, filter, sparkplug for most units, that simplifies the job and is lower cost. We can say most push mowers that just need a standard tune up kit and sharpen blade usually cost around $50. for a push mower and around $100 for a rider.

We always give you an estimate, and if anything is found that needs more work we call you for approval before doing any more.

Here is a list of items that are often needed:

Change oil
Change oil filter
Change air filter
Change fuel filter
Change sparkplug
Sharpen blade
Clean under deck
Clean battery terminals
Pressure wash
Inspect belts
Grease all grease fittings
Inspect hydro fluid level and condition
Replace hydro filter and hydro oil if needed
Run up unit and check bearings for noise
Drain old gas and clean carberator if needed
Inspect fuel hoses and replace if needed
Inspect steering linkages for wear and loose parts