Free Set-Up

Free Set-Up Included

The machines you buy from us are ready to use immediately. The oil is full and it has a small amount of gas in the tank to run it.

We sell our machines at the same price as the Big Box Warehouse Stores and they only sell the machine to you in the box. They usually charge extra for set-up, if they will do it at all. These are never as easy to set-up as they say. And the instructions are confusing because they are all in 3 languages, and cover several models that have different features. Why go through the hassle when we will do it right and for free. We set up so many that we know how to do it right. You don't need to wonder about extra parts in the bag, or worse yet for the missing parts, or bent or damaged parts. Shipping damage and missing parts are not common, but it is terribly inconvenient when it happens to you. When it happens to us, we just fix it now with our stock of parts or order it under warranty and move along to the next unit.

In The Box special requests:

No, we will not sell it cheaper to you in the box.
Yes, we can sell it to you in the box. There have been a few customers who wanted it in the box to take to their Arizona or Florida home. And a few who were giving it as a gift and was easier for them in the box.

Warranty Registration and warranty repairs:

We complete the manufacturer warranty registration for you.
We will do warranty repairs even if you bought it at a Big Box Warehouse, we just need your receipt to document when you bought it.