Husqvarna Fleet

Husqvarna Fleet Purchase Program

This program is designed to provide commercial customers a volume discount on major purchases of new Husqvarna equipment.

This program is only available to companies or agencies who are involved in commercial landscaping or arborists business on a full time basis or use the equipment as a means of producing income.

Husqvarna Fleet Discount:

The equipment must be purchased on a single invoice to qualify for up to a discount.

Accessories including personal protective apparel can be added to the initial order for the same discount.

This discount cannot be combined with any other Husqvarna discount or rebate program.

Level Discount Rate Term
6+ points
8+ points
12+ points
Original Purchase - One time only discount.
Purchase within 12 months following the initial purchase
Purchase within 24 months following the initial purchase<

Each of the following qualify for 1 point:

  • Backpack Blowers - 300 and 500 series
  • Brushcutters / Clearing Saws - 300 and 500 series
  • Chainsaws - 300 and 500 series
  • Edgers - 300 series
  • Hedge Trimmers - 200, 300, and 500 series
  • Pole Saws - All
  • PowerCutters - All
  • Trimmers - 300, 400, and 500 series
  • Trimmer Attachments - DX series