Warranty Brands


  • If you purchased it from us, we have all the records needed for warranty claims.

  • We will handle your warranty claim even if you did not purchase it here.

  • We handle warranty claims for the brands we sell, plus warranty for the small engine manufacturers, plus warranty claims for MTD products.

  • If you did not register your warranty when you purchased your unit, you will need to furnish your purchase receipt if you purchased your unit elsewhere to establish your warranty.

  • If you did not purchase it from us, and did not register the warranty with the manufacturer when you purchased it, and do not have your purchase receipt, we can only go by the product model number and serial number for when it was manufactured to establish the warranty time. This can be unfortunate for you if the unit sat in a warehouse before you bought it and is older than you thought, so the warranty may be expired if you don't have the records to validate the purchase date.

We provide warranty claim service for the Brands in this table below.

Honda Engines Kohler Engines Kawasaki Engines B&S Engines

We will say that TORO is the best when it comes to warranty.

  1. TORO has great products that almost never need warranty service.
  2. TORO is the most accomodating for warranty to keep the customer happy.
  3. TORO has the best stock of parts available to fix it when it needs it without delay.
  4. TORO has an easy to use system for us to process warranty claims without delays.
  5. TORO pays us promptly for warranty labor, so any warranty work is good for our profits.

Note: We do NOT provide warranty service for new Cub Cadet products, even though they are owned by MTD, they have a policy that requires warranty work processed by a Cub Cadet dealer. Sorry.